Bill LazorikToday the exponential growth of technology is fueling advances across most of the scientific landscape. Every day there are new discoveries that could play a vital role in positively shaping our future. It is hard to expect anyone to keep up with such a rapid pace of change. This site aims to help by highlighting some of the most intriguing developments in the Scientific, Computing, and Internet communities. The daily updates focus on providing insight into a product’s future potential, competition, and alternative applications. Gadget and Web roundups offer a straight forward rundown of the best products currently available and the most productive websites online. My mission is to bring you the news that will be making tomorrow’s headlines today.

I grew up in Hamilton, NJ and currently live in Philadelphia. My interest in technology started at a young age with scientific kits of all shapes and sizes. Eventually I graduated to picking apart video games and any other gadget I could find. It was programming which created my fascination with computers. The ability to program your imaginations into reality seemed almost magical, and even today a new product will sometimes create this same sense of wonder. I went to college at the Pennsylvania State University and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. After graduation I joined Computer Sciences Corporation and worked in the Pharmaceutical sector on a variety of projects for both large corporations and small startups. I joined Johnson and Johnson in 2005, and I am currently working for them in the Master Data Management space. In March 2010, I graduated from Drexel University with an MBA in Entrepreneurship.