Google Expands Health Reach With Investment In Gene Sequencing Project

March 4th, 2008
Bill Lazorik

Google continued to branch out into the the Health space with investment in a project to sequence the DNA of 100,000 people. The research project will provide valuable data to the scientific community by helping to isolate the genetic factors involved with a variety of diseases. This type of information can lead to faster drug development and better treatment through the arrival of truly personalized medicine. I am sure the incentive behind the investment is more philanthropic then financial, but it doesn’t hurt to have a hand in this project considering Google’s past investment in Personal Genome Service 23andMe. The results of this research is exactly the type of data that 23andMe requires to expand its capabilities. There were some initial reservations about the relevance of Google’s interest in 23andMe due to Anne Wojcicki, wife of Google president Sergey Brin, being the co-founder. However, the 23andMe service would fit perfectly as an offering in Google Health. Expect to see Google continue both its financial and philanthropic Health investments to gain further leverage in the industry.

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Google Invests In DNA Sequencing Project

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