New Version Of My Web Embed Now Live

July 31st, 2009
Bill Lazorik

I just finished releasing the new version of the My Web Embed facebook application into the wild! This is a major update that has been in progress for quite some time. One can now add a My Web Embed tab to their Facebook profile and include a profile box on their wall. The user interface has been improved. One can easily move embeds up and down, and there are colors to seperate private and public embeds. There are now “boxes” to group pictures, videos, and other embeds together. The best enhancement is the ability to add pictures, flash objects, and videos directly into the My Web Embed profile tab! Their will be more updates and how to instructions to come soon. Please leave your questions or suggestions in the comments. Thanks for all your support!

My Web Embed Site

Facebook Applicaiton Page

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  1. angela frances Says:

    I installed it but can’t figure out how to upload the mp3. I see the icon on my facebook page, but I want to upload my own mp3 (a song that I did). How do I do that. Where are the directions. Can I install my own mp3 or only select mp3 that are already online. Thanks so much.

  2. sarah Says:

    I can’t get flash embed to work on facebook. what am I doing wrong?

  3. FM CIEN Says:

    I already did everything, he believes the application with the streaming of radio in flash player, and works ok, but I cannot put it in my facebook of visible form for the visitors. what do I bad?? can you help me???

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