Tailgate ScoutTailgate Scout

Tailgate Scout is a mobile web application that helps you find your friends location, their tailgates, and other tailgates nearby. Ever have trouble finding one particular spot in a sea of tailgates on game day? Tailgate Scout solves that problem and throws in a dash of fun for good measure.

My Web EmbedMy Web Embed

My Web Embed is a Facebook application released shortly after the Facebook platform with the goal of allowing users to integrate their digital interests from around the web into their profiles. The app was launched with the capability to display any embed or script code on canvas pages with links to this content residing in a profile box. Later upgrades included the ability to put flash, video, image, and mp3 files inside a profile tab.

Anybody Road ProductionsAnybody Road Productions

Web developer and Technology adviser to Anybody Road Productions. ABR is a production company dedicated to challenging the mediocrity that has befallen the medium of cinema. I helped them create a strategy that leverages the power of the internet and new media to promote, distribute, and market ABR films.


An aggregator of news and videos with relevance to the film and production industries. Vidvine features voting on content and contains a film showcase section with Paypal integrated purchasing and downloading. Fully functional, the site was built on top of the Drupal platform and provided me the opportunity to become familiar with CMS technologies. I would like to revisit the site and concept at some point in the future.